Judge Certification


The judge certification process requires you to study both the AMA rule book as well as the F3 Sporting Code and then take the open book test for both the AMA and F3A rules (or F3P).  When you have completed the tests with a passing grade of 80% in each test,  the Judging Committee Chairman will then update your user record to reflect passing of the tests (NOTE: this is a manual process and does not happen immediately).

The certification is free to ALL NSRCA members, but if you are not a member it does cost $5 and you can pay using Paypal.  Once your payment has been processed and accepted, you will then be given access to download the material and to take the tests.  Please follow the study guide and watch the Judging video and when you are satisfied with your knowledge, come back to the website and take the quizzes for AMA, F3A, or F3P.

If you would like to take the certification tests and do NOT see them listed on the menu to the left, then please login to the website first.  If you are an NSRCA member you'll be able to take the certification tests and should see them listed.  If you are not an NSRCA member, you will need to pay $5 to register to take the certification tests - again, if you do not see a menu item located to the left of this page, then you haven't logged into the website.  Please click the "Login" menu item at the top right to log in and then you should see the "Sign Up for Certification" when you click on the "Certification" menu item.

If you've already paid your $5, you can access all the judging material by clicking this link - Judge Certification Materials.  If you see a message about not having access, you will need to ensure that you've paid - see below and logged into the website.

If you have not paid your $5 yet and would like to download the judging material, please click the "Sign up for Certification" link item located in the menu to the left and that will then take you to Paypal.  When you've paid you will have access to the seminar material which you can then study.