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Please review the proposed sequences that have been posted for membership feedback.  Forward all comments to your NSRCA DVP or other board members for compilation and consideration.  It’s important that all comments be as specific as possible to inform any potential modifications.

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What is happening on RCU...

  • 08-14-2017 19:32
    When you are practicing aerobatics (or setting up a competition site) there is no really good way of setting up some box markers to identify the F3A...
  • 08-12-2017 06:52
    I lost two Shindens under mysterious loss of control, not dumb thumbs, equipment was tip top . After a dozen or more trimming flight suddenly...
  • 08-04-2017 15:49
    The Culpeper Model Barnstomers club would like to envite you to their 5th annual pattern contest. Check out the club web site Pilot...
  • 07-28-2017 06:36
    Hi, Does anybody know the RAL code for Monocote "Missile red and for Monocote Cub Yellow". Its prakticaly impossible to get Lustre Paint here in...
  • 07-25-2017 18:05
    I have a quick setup question that I'm hoping someone can answer. I've never seen a trimming guide that discusses a full flying stab. When...
  • 07-24-2017 02:47
    Hi guys, we made contradrive system for 50E class, system works with PTmodel 17" props and 5S lipo Attachment 2225419...

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The National Society of Radio Controlled Aerobatics is an organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of competitive flying of radio controlled precision aerobatic model airplanes. Our goals are:

• To create a national community of competitive pilots that share information on flying and building pattern aircraft through printed, digital and social media
• To develop new aerobatic sequences for all AMA based competition classes
• To encourage fellow sport flyers to increase their skill level through competition
• To work with the Academy of Model Aeronautics Contest Board for R/C Aerobatics to provide counsel on rules changes based on member feedback
• To develop and maintain judging criteria”