You should find all the judging information you need here and if you don't, or have questions, please e-mail the judging committee for answers.  Our goal is to get consistent judging throughout the country by providing judge training/certification through "in-person" seminars or by taking the online certification training. 


If you would like to take the certification tests and do NOT see them listed on the menu on the right then please log into the website first.  If you are an NSRCA member then you'll be able to take the certification tests and should see them listed.  If you are not an NSRCA member then you will need to pay $5 to register to take the certification tests - again, if you do not see a menu item at the right to "Sign Up for Certification" then you haven't logged into the website.  Please go back to the front page and log in and then click on the Judging Menu item to bring you back here.


NSRCA Judging Committee - Click Name to Email

Jon Carter - Chairman

Andre Bouchard

Derek Koopowitz


PowerPoint Presentations of the Patterns

These are large files and may require long download times if you have a slow connection.  Your computer may seem to have locked up or be doing nothing at times.  Any reference to "TA" in these slides refers to Turnaround.





F3A - P17

F3A - F17

F3A Maneuver Execution Guide