Rules For Determining District Champs In Each Class
The District 8 Champs will be selected using the criteria described below. This procedure was discussed and agreed upon at the 2006 Judges Seminar held in the Tri-Cities.
1. Only Contests using AMA approved schedules will be counted in the District 8 Champ Selection point process.
2. Only geographical District 8 contests will be used in the point tally for the determination of the District Champ.
3. The last contest of the season in D8 will be the District Championship and the points accumulated during this contest will be doubled when calculating your final standings.
4. Three additional contests, of the pilot’s choice, will be used to calculate your final score.  These contests must be D8 events.
5. Points are calculated for each contest as described below:
1. One point for each pilot finishing below you in the contest will be added to your points achieved in your position of finishing.
2. The points for finishing scores will be: 10 points for first place… 7 points for second place… 5 points for third place… 3 points for fourth place… and 1 point for flying in the contest.
6. Only current District 8 NSRCA members will be considered in the tally of District 8 points for the District Champ selection.
7. If a pilots joins the NSRCA during a contest by provided an application form and payment to the DVP then the contest will be used in calculated the pilots points for the season.
8. The DVP will record the district points data for the contests he/she attends. Its the responsibility of the pilots or CD of events not attended by the DVP to provide contest results.

2009 District 8 Champions


Sportsman     Brad Burden

Intermediate  Raymond Gauthier

Advanced      Bill Carder

Masters         Bill Bowen

FAI                Gary McClellan