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Here are the NSRCA District 1 tentative events planned for 2023, as of Feb, 2023:

Non-Flying events (updated 12/26/21 for 2022):

  • (None scheduled as of 12/6/2021)

 Flying events (updated  021/2023):

  • May 20: BCAM, Kutztown, PA.   CD: Dale Hart / Stan Ruckus (confirmed)
  • June 3: Haverstraw, NY. CD: Michael Oka and Anthony Romano (confirmed)
  • June 10 and maybe 11: Sky Chief’s Canandaigua, NY. CD: William Birkett (confirmed)
  • June 24: LVRCS, Easton, PA. CD: Dale Hart / Stan Ruckus (to be confirmed)
  • July 8: ARCS, Marcellus, NY. CD: Mike Gosson (confirmed) 
  • July 15:  BCRCC, Pemberton, NJ. CD: Sal Piu (confirmed 10/22)
  • July 24 to 27: NATS
  • August 19: Aero Guidance Society, NY. CD; Jeff Hatton (one day, but maybe 2 days depending on demand)
  • September 9: Millstone R/C Flyers Contest, NJ. CD Joe Lachowski (confirmed)

    Contest Directors are recommended to post their events on the main NSRCA event listing site.

CD's with additional info regarding your potential 2023 pattern contest.  After contests are over, contest directors are encouraged to submit/upload scoring software results to the NSRCA site. Instructions can be found at:

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