2022 District 1 Current Championship , as of 8/23/23

Championship points 820

 NSRCA DISTRICT-1 Championship Points System

Current District I Championship Points Program

 NSRCA District I encourages excellence in Pattern by recognizing district champions in each class. Pilots earn points toward the championship by competing in sanctioned contests. 

  1. NSRCA membership. A Pilot must be an NSRCA member to be eligible to accumulate District I Championship points. A pilot who starts the season as a non-member may begin to accumulate points effective the date his membership application is received by the NSRCA Secretary or an NSRCA District I Official.
  2. Championship points. Championship points may be awarded to a pilot based on placement in a contest. Points are awarded as follows:
                    1st Place:      9 points
                    2nd Place:    7 points
                    3d Place:      5 points
                    4th Place:     3 points
                    5th Place:     1 point
  3. Best 5 results. Pilots are encouraged to participate in as many contests as possible.
    1. The pilot’s 5 best finishes for the season will count toward the Championship.
    2. Each pilot may include his/ her participation in up to one out-of District contest in these ‘best 5’ results.
  4. Ties in Championship standings:
    1. Ties are broken by extending the number of contests earning points to 6.
    2. If a tie still exists after considering 6 contests, then the tied pilot who has finished ahead of the other tied pilot the greater number of times out of the original 5 ‘best’ contests will be considered the Champion.
  5. Bonus points. One of the purposes of pattern contests is to promote Pattern flying. Though no contest is more important than any other contest, this rule is an effort to recognize outstanding performance at larger contests.
    1. A pilot who wins a contest in a class of 5 or more pilots will receive a bonus point for his finish in that contest; that is, his win will be worth 10 Championship points, not 9.
    2.  A pilot may earn up to three bonus points in this manner during the course of the contest season.
  6. Total Possible Points.  As described above, a pilot may earn a maximum of 48 points (5 first-place finishes and 3 bonus points) in a maximum of 5 counted contests during the season.

Past NSRCA DISTRICT-1 Champions

 (Last updated 12/26/2021)

Year \ Class 401 Sportsman 402 Intermediate 403 Advanced 404  Masters 406 FAI
1999 Jim Quinn Dave Funk David Cepas Chris Dansereau Dave Lockhart
2000 Frank Gioffredo Dan Landis Frank Granelli David Cepas Dave Lockhart
2001 Steve Teerlink Todd Siegel Dave Elsner Chris Dansereau George Asteris
2002 Art Riegel Rick Wallace Ken Velez Eric Henderson Dave Lockhart
2003 Joe Zeigenfus Ron Lawrence Rick Wallace Joe Lachowski Dave Lockhart
2004 Scott Wallace Scott Smith Ed Alt Ken Velez Dave Lockhart
2005 Bill Markovitz Joe Zeigenfus Scott Smith Steve Miller Dave Lockhart
2006 Bruce Ginn John Pavlick Ron Lawrence Joe Lachowski Dave Lockhart
2007 David Lampron Carl Veit Ron Lawrence Ken Velez Dave Lockhart
2008 Neil Hunt Bruce Ginn Joe Zeigenfus Joe Lachowski Dave Lockhart
2009 Kosunin (Bert) Kiatkachon Dean Lampron Joe Zeigenfus Steve Miller Dave Lockhart
2010 Derek Gioffredo Jeff Hatton Riley Kissenberth Joe Lachowski Dave Lockhart
2011 Dana Beaton Bob Moulder Joseph Zigenfus Joe Lachowski Dave Lockhart
2012 Dana Beaton Frank Iacobellis Charles Moulder Joe Lachowski Dave Lockhart
 2013 Drake Marsaly Dana Beaton  Charles Moulder Joe Lachowski

Dave Lockhart

2014 Lucky Macy Bob Both Jim Willing Joe Lachowski Dave Lockhart
2015 Andy Sabol Dana Beaton Jim Willing Steve Miller

Dave Lockhart

2016 Mike Gosson Bob Both Dale Hart Stuart Chale Dave Lockhart
2017 Jim Schwab Andy Sabol Lance Robbins Stuart Chale

Dave Lockhart

2018 Jim Schwab Andy Sabol Joe Lachowski Steve Miller Dave Lockhart
2019 John McMakin Bob Afflerback Dale Hart Stuart Chale David Lockhart
2020 NO CHAMPIONSHIP selected due to adverse impacts from Covid-19  NO CHAMPIONSHIP selected due to adverse impacts from Covid-19  NO CHAMPIONSHIP selected due to adverse impacts from Covid-19  NO CHAMPIONSHIP selected due to adverse impacts from Covid-19

 NO CHAMPIONSHIP selected due to adverse impacts from Covid-19

2021 Tom McDonald Bob Afflerback Dale Hart Stuart Chale Dave Lockhart
2022 Bob Lasky Tom Mcdonald Joe Lachowski Stuart Chale Dave Lockhart